UpCycled Goods

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UpCycled Goods

Save a book from the landfill!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Upcycle! I try to use as many scraps to give new life to old books. Snag some upcycled gems made from rescued books!

Follow the links to my Etsy page or send me a message for a different form of payment/ customizations.


Made from paper scraps of other projects, sport your love of books and paper with these light weight earrings.

Check out the link below to see more!

  • $17.00 – $20.00 each

Fire Starters

Perfect for any outdoor or camping fan! Fire starters are the best for those days when the wood is too wet or the fire gods are just not on your side. Assemble your wood, place the starter inside, light it and MAGIC!

For party favours: comes as a pack of two and option to add a little note as well on each pack. Min order of 20.

  • $7.00 for a pack of four
  • Party Favour Pricing:
  • $3.00 per 2 items wrapped with tag of choosing


Confetti is a staple at most parties, but it can be very damaging to the environment. Seed confetti is cool – but sometimes it can introduce invasive species to an area. This up-cycled paper confetti will breakdown and provide food for your local parasites and bugs.

Comes in flower, heart and circle shapes.

  • $2.50 per bag
  • Party Favour Pricing:
  • $1.50 per item wrapped with tag of choosing


Paper crinkle packaging is the perfect alternative to harmful styrofoam. Made from the scraps of other projects this packaging comes in an assortment of colours.

Custom volumes and colours available.

  • $20.00 for 1 lbs colour
  • $13.00 for 1 lbs book page

Let’s Make Something Beautiful Together!

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